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Corporate Governance

We are bolstering our systems and improving
our efforts to promote sound corporate management.

The Unicharm Group promotes sound corporate management guided by our corporate ideal of pursuing proper corporate management principles. This combines corporate growth, associate well-being and the fulfillment of our social responsibilities.

In June 1999, we introduced an executive officer system to facilitate the swift execution of operations and clarify executive responsibility and authority. In 2004, we launched the Schedule-Action-Performance-Schedule (SAPS) Plan, which concluded our past management methods and emphasized our principle of respecting human life and dignity and obtaining a sense of achievement. We are promoting operations based on a system of concentrating time and energy on priority issues by setting clear management targets. Ultimately, the Group is endeavoring to improve efficiency in the execution of the directors' functions.

The Board of Directors meets once a month to hold substantive discussions and deliberate on significant issues related to the execution of operations at an executive level. These meetings also provide directors with an opportunity to analyze the Company's progress towards its management targets, as well as a forum in which to resolve any management issues.

Unicharm's current governance structure consists of eight directors, twenty one executive officers (seven of whom hold concurrent positions as directors), and four corporate auditors, including two external auditors. (As of July 6, 2011)


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